Mid-life Bliss

I spend a lot of time in my car these days. The drive from daycare to my house only takes about 3 minutes, but my kid falls asleep on this short drive almost every single day. Imagine falling asleep that fast. Turning the car off usually wakes her up, and is a last resort in my book. So typically I drive around for 15 extra minutes, or I just sit in my car and wait.

The break in my day is not wholly unwelcome, and I end up listening to NPR a lot. It makes me feel like I’m doing something, when I’m not actually doing anything. I’ve started looking forward to the “All Things Considered” segment at 4:30. Audie Cornish’s articulate voice signifies the end of my work day. It is literally my 5:00 whistle, a half hour premature. I’ve caught a couple of stories from the “stuck in the middle: work, health and happiness at midlife” series and have to admit, I find them very interesting.

At 31 I have to hope that I am neither at, near, or past the mid-point of my life. But come on; I’m spending at least 15 minutes of everyday listening to talk radio. If that doesn’t scream mid-life, I’m not sure what does. And while the stories may not pertain to my age group, or to me in particular, they make some strong points.

I’ll consider it education for the inevitable. Advice to store away for the future. Like their suggestion to find a hobby. “An interest that is unrelated to work or family”. When is the last time I’ve done something I enjoy that wasn’t for/with work or family? I honestly don’t know, it has been a long time. But for now I’m going to let it slide. Because so far this stage of life is the best yet, and I’m loving every hobby-less second. Someday though, when the hazy memories of keeping an infant alive are behind me, I’ll revisit this and will need to be reminded to find something just for me.

I know you’re out there. Trying not to wake the sleeping monster in your own backseat, hypothetical or actual. And you probably need a hobby too. So here’s the link.

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