Put one foot in front of the other

I have to admit, I feel a little frazzled lately. I can usually tackle a long to do list without a lot of stress or complaints. A full plate keeps me motivated. But stuff is starting to accumulate, in my brain and my house, and I’m treading water. The nine different Christmas celebrations spanned over 4 consecutive weekends are already taking their toll, and we’re only just starting weekend #2. I also can’t seem to stay healthy, which is definitely not making life any easier.

Attempting to fit a full grocery restock into a lunch break has always been an indicator of desperate times for me, it’s a red flag. And that’s where I’ve just come from. Running around the store trying to fill my cart with legitimate necessities while stay at home moms and retirees (I assume) just stand around scrutinizing every product on the shelves. One woman opened 15 cartons of eggs before making her final decision, I swear. My impatient “move the f over” face went unseen.

I returned to my desk, starving, and barely noticed a gift had been delivered to my desk while I was out. I’m sad to say that I actually almost pushed it aside so that I could get to my unanswered emails faster. But I caught myself. I remembered that I’m supposed to be taking time to notice these things.


So instead of trying to do 60 things while I eat my lunch (at 2:54), I’m going to just sit here and eat my lunch. Deep breath, savor the moment, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. I’m going to let that be enough because soon enough the tiny human I spend all of my time with will start doing the exact same thing with her chubby feet. And then shit gets real.

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