Anticipation is a funny thing.

Personally I cannot get enough of it. I love the expectation, excitement, and suspense right before something big is about to happen. The buildup. Even if it brings with it a bit of nervousness. It is the very reason why Christmas Eve is so much better than Christmas day. It’s why Thursday nights have always been my favorite. Why driving to a destination is so much more fun than driving home.

To hope and dream about what could be is so much more fun than dreaming about what might have been.

I realized recently that I’m living without anticipation. Whether by necessity or by choice, my current routine is to live day-to-day. There are no major holidays or events coming up. I don’t have a vacation planned for this year. All of my big plans fall well within the very last part of the year. Sure, I’m hopeful for good things to come, and I am excited for them. But the urgency factor, the feeling of “something really fun is going to happen really soon”, is not there. I’m motionless with distant expectancy, no pun intended.

Since I do think a good deal of this is in our own heads, and am an advocate of choosing happiness, I’m here to make that choice. This weekend looks to be somewhat uneventful for me, but I’m about to get really excited for it. I’m going to get into my car, smile, turn up the radio, put my sunglasses on and act like I have an epic weekend ahead of me. Like something really fun is going to happen really soon.

It is Thursday night after all.

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