Misery Loves Company

A map showing extreme cold areas across the world. Thanks Mother Nature.
Extreme temperatures across the world. I feel like we’re being targeted.

I can’t take much more of this. I do realize that I went on and on about embracing the snow and loving where you live. I take it all back. Insert foot in mouth. The record-breaking low temperatures are really getting me down.

For anyone under the age of 35, which includes most readers, this is the coldest winter of our lives. It has literally never been colder for us. The one and only thing that is getting me through this is knowing that we are all in this together. We’re all in the same boat. The same sinking, frozen, can’t go outside, beyond cabin fever, going to kill someone, this is never going to end, ship.Misery

So consider this the “I Gotta Vent” post. Please comment to add your own complaints, it really does help to know that we’re all miserable together, that no one is loving this. And if you are genuinely loving this weather, please stop reading.

  • Yesterday (Feb. 23rd) was the coldest day, in the coldest month, in the history of Rochester.
  • I let my dog outside on one of the dozen of below-zero mornings we’ve had this month and I think he almost froze. On his way back inside his slow walk, turned into a stop. He stood there, stumbled to the side a little, and looked at me like “I can’t do this anymore.” A couple of mornings after this, my husband had to pull a different, and much bigger, dog out of a snow bank. She had jumped into a snow pile, in an attempt to get to the yard, underestimated its size, and tried quite unsuccessfully to “swim” through the snow. She almost drowned.
  • In 1997 we had record high temps in the 70’s during this week of February. To just get above freezing would be nice…
  • My house has a 2 tiered roof. The icicles from the top-tier have morphed from stalactites to full columns, spanning the 5 feet to the lower level. Looking out our upstairs windows is like looking through a jail cell. Imprisoned in my own sparkly home. I know this means there is a lot of heat loss, which means we need to be more responsible as homeowners and up our insulation game, but right now there is nothing I can do about it. It pisses me off every time I look at the house.
  • The other morning I was stuck in weather related traffic (I’m stúck), it took me 45 minutes to drive 1 mile. Needless to say, after staring at the temperature gauge on my car (which read negative) for over an hour, I was in a very bad mood when I got to work. I made myself breakfast, sat down at my desk and then proceeded to spill oatmeal onto my keyboard. Oatmeal.
  • Today I motivated myself to leave the office for lunch. It may not seem like that much of an accomplishment but believe me, this was big for me. When I got to Wegmans and parked, I was feeling pretty awesome about myself for the close parking spot that I had just gotten, then I looked towards the entrance.

wpid-wp-1424808739076.jpegNo wonder all the spots were empty. Duh Nikki. I have to admit though, as I walked around to the other side of the building, all I could do was laugh. I appreciate their effort to keep it light and cheery. Look at that little guy, he looks so cold.


7 thoughts on “Misery Loves Company

  1. Missy February 26, 2015 / 1:33 pm

    My complaints to help you feel a little better:
    – Our dog also starts to lock up and for 20 feet he has to go to get to the house he become a 3 legged dog. Also if it has been a couple weeks since he’s been out for a walk he starts to get naughty…eating the box to a deck of cards, taking a winter hat and “asking” us to chase him or like last night just standing up in front of the kitchen sink drinking the water from a bowl I was soaking! One day I finally took him outside and drug him through the 3 + feet of snow and told him “see this is why we haven’t taken you out!”…think he can rationalize?
    – On February 15th when the high temp was 7…even our directv dish decided it had had enough…NO TV!!! Therefore the husband bundled up and climbed up to the roof, to where the snow is well over his knees, to clean off the dish, got it working within 15 mins!

    • nikkigreen March 4, 2015 / 10:01 am

      You’re right! It’s bad for us and we can rationalize. The poor dogs probably think this is just how life is now. Hopefully this month things will start to turn around!

  2. Meg Mac March 3, 2015 / 8:07 pm

    Yessssss. Complaining. Yessss. Walked into our house after a long day of being gone to see water all over our kitchen floor. Big time leak. Ice jams up the wazoo. Water pouring out of our light fixture. Hubby spent the hole day Sunday scraping/shoveling and disassembling our built in drawers to get to the source. UGH. Better news – it’s March! St. Patty’s day. Snow drops? Usually at least ONE uncharacteristically warm day. And MAN day – maybe. Hopefully. xo

    • nikkigreen March 4, 2015 / 10:04 am

      This is fun, and I do feel very fortunate now that my roof isn’t leaking (I don’t think anyway…), so it definitely helps! Let’s just keep complaining about life until it gets better 😉

  3. Bobbie Green March 4, 2015 / 1:38 pm

    Ok, so if we are complaining, here are a few from me. Do you know what a 3 to 4 feet snow drift does to a blind dog? That’s right! He walks right into them and bounces back off like a pinball machine! I can almost hear him thingking “Geez, there wasn’t anything there the last time I walked this way!”
    Then how beautiful the shrubs are in our front yard from the pruning they have received from the deer that think they looked like a nice easy meal, bare three to four feet up. They just recovered from the last pruning they received from the deer 3 or 4 years ago.
    Lastly, as everyone else the leaks from the ice dams! First one in our laundry room that dripped on an exposed electric wire in the wall.Thankfully, the circuit breaker worked like it was supposed to and popped off! After over 3 hours of shovelling off the garage roof, we got this one taken care of. Now water dripping from the ceiling in our
    living room! I so look forward to going home tonight to tackle this latest problem!

    • nikkigreen March 4, 2015 / 2:47 pm

      The first part of this one really made me laugh. If we could get a video of this pinball dog that would be excellent. Poor guy!

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