Drink It Up! – Guest Post

So…Nikki is way better at this but I’m going to give it my best shot! 🙂

A lot of things in life make me happy, but only a few things make me SUPER EXCITED!!! Two of those things are planning fun days with fun people and…Kenny Chesney!! So when I heard the MAJOR CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT on WBEE last Friday you can only imagine my joy. The day only got better when two of my fun people said that they wanted to go! Then, over the weekend more fun people decided they wanted to go, now it’s turning into something!! By the time I was able to get tickets yesterday, it had turned into a wonderful group of 10 women…GIRLS DAY!!! 🙂

Granted, this concert isn’t until July, which is a long time from now to be making such big plans. But even with everything people have going on in their lives, and some of us stepping out of our “Comfort Zones” to go (Mom…wink, wink), we have all committed. And why not?!

I realized Kenny sums it up nicely as I was listening to his newest album on my way home last night (a little post ticket purchase celebration). His song “Drink It Up” says it all.

Just a few minor details to work out…like sweet talking my Dad into being DD… and we will all be Drinking It Up!!! Can’t wait ladies. I’m SUPER EXCITED!!!

About the Author – Blog Owner’s Note: This weeks guest author is someone who I’m continuously proud to call my sister. She has achieved the desirable “adult who has her life together” status, while maintaining the ability to regularly motivate herself and others to get out there, try new things, be happy, and ask the ever-important question of “why not?”

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