Happy Holidays – Guest Post


I was sitting at Panera after a full day of shopping – a bit tired, a bit hungover still from my work holiday party – and feeling ‘eh. I started reading the paper that was filled with the negative state of our country. I no doubt flipped to the comics and horoscopes for an escape. At a nearby table, there was a group of four older ladies finishing up a meal and one walked to the register instead of leaving. She seemed to know the young workers well and handed them a ceramic star she made. It was a very cute moment and she caught my smile as she turned around to leave. I was confronted with the question, “Were you just smiling?” I had to admit that I was, indeed, eavesdropping on their conversation. She then reached into her pocket and handed me this star. She wished me a happy holiday and before I could express my full gratitude, she was off, telling the workers how fabulous they were.

The smile is still on my face as I think about how certain people just bring so much joy to this world. And also, how one little moment can change someone’s outlook. My ‘eh feeling has now been filled with inspiration.

About the Author – Blog Owner’s Note: Our featured author rarely needs a reminder to “be happy” in her day-to-day. Optimism comes naturally to her and she makes it look easy, even though we know it sometimes isn’t. She always has a smile to share and pays if forward by unselfishly bringing joy and inspiration to the lives of others. She also typically has well manicured fingernails. (And she’s single!)


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