Random Thoughts

It is the first week of December and the holiday season is upon us. Life is already very busy with seasonal events but it is dark all the time. It feels like it’s time to gain 5 pounds and habitually sit under a blanket. I have nothing to share except random thoughts in holiday colors. They keep me entertained on a daily basis. (Both the thoughts and the colors).

  • A co-worker of mine has the most text-book sounding sneeze I have ever heard. It is literally the perfect Ahh-Choo”. I am simultaneously annoyed and jealous every time he sneezes.
  • I have developed an underlying fear that when my car stereo is connected to my phone via blue tooth I can not only hear the music playing from my phone, but the world can also hear what is happening in my car. Like we’re all under surveillance and Big Brother is secretly watching and recording us. What if this turns out to be true!? What would my lifetime driving demo sound like? My husband’s would most definitely sound like this as he regularly tells other drivers where they can stick it. What would yours sound like? At the very least mine would include some pretty sick versions of Patiently Waiting, I know that much.
  • When you want only 1 piece of toast, why does it matter which side of the toaster you put the bread in? I sometimes use the wrong side on purpose. I’m like “take that toaster, I feel like being a bad ass today”. I’m happy to report that the end of the world is not waiting for us on the wrong side of the toaster.
  • Going to busy restaurants always puts me through a series of mental ups and downs. Every time I see food being carried in the direction of my table I assume it is mine. Tray of food spotted = HAPPY!” Tray of food gets carried past my table = NOT HAPPY!” This scenario occurs even if I haven’t been waiting long for my food, it’s ridiculous.
  • I like to change the words to songs and seamlessly insert my own name into lyrics. You can’t just go all willy-nilly though, it really has to be the right fit. “Oh Nikki (You’re so fine etc.,)” instead of “Mickey”. This example is a bit too generic and obvious for my tastes, but you get the point. I do this quite often and I sometimes use other people’s names too, if it feels right. When I get caught trying to sneak the word “nikki” into a song my husband shakes his head and says “you’re such a dork”. Yes, I am. That’s the point.
  • Sometimes the worst part of my day is the last 10 seconds of Chopped. The countdown makes me super nervous.


To end on an encouraging note, we have until the 21st (only a little over 2 weeks away!) until the hours of daylight start to get longer again!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Nate December 7, 2014 / 7:58 pm

    That last 10 seconds of Chopped are the best part of my day. Fricken Ted Allen. Whenever I’m at Wegmans I say every food I pass in his voice like I’m in the Chopped kitchen. Here, try this in his voice: rudabegas, feta cheese, and Mrs T’s Pierogies

    • nikkigreen December 8, 2014 / 8:38 pm

      First comment! Yippee!! I fall for the suspense everytime. This trick will surely make the aisles of Wegs more entertaining. Mrs. T’s Pierogies, that’s hilarious, I can already hear it.

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