Meme-worthy Moments

I’ve been on a big meme kick lately. I actually made my first one yesterday. Which had me giggling at my desk on and off throughout the entire last hour of my work day. It just kept popping into my head and I couldn’t stop.

The story behind what prompted my first meme creation is short. A friend and I were texting back and forth and were in agreement that we would rather not be at work. The next text I got from her said “I forgot I have a doctor’s appointment today…so I left work”. I responded with this:


 70 miles, 70 minutes, and 1 silly little text apart. That’s all it took, and we were both laughing.

It’s a terrible name though. Meme. I’m not a fan. Poor name aside, here are a couple that have made me laugh in the midst of this abnormally long week.



They’re funny because they’re true. It is also worth mentioning that I’m still laughing about a monumental discovery a friend and I made this past weekend. I have just now deemed it as another meme-worthy moment. So here’s meme #2 for you:


Keep an eye out for these moments, and then make one of your own. I have reason to believe it’ll make you happy.

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