Care Packages

I have a fantastic idea! I’m going to start sending care packages to people! Why, you ask? Well, there are several reasons, I’m glad you inquired.

  1. Obvious: I want to share the previously discussed happiness.
  2. It will make us feel like we’re in college again.
  3. It is nice to know someone is thinking of you.
  4. I have a weird obsession with small containers, this seems like the perfect opportunity to put them to good use.
  5. Giving people presents makes me happy.
  6. I am a master packer and have an uncanny ability to fit a lot of things into small spaces.
  7. I really enjoy wrapping things in brown paper bags, text-book cover style.
  8. Who doesn’t love getting mail?

When you’ve had a bad day, and your week cannot get any longer, you might come home to a tidily packed and neatly wrapped package on your doorstep.

The first one was mailed today!

A Box of Sunshine! (idea stolen from Pinterest)



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