Parachute Day


Do kids still get to play with these in school? Who knew brightly colored triangles, sewn together to form an enormous circle, could bring joy into the lives of so many. The concept is so simple. Just looking at it makes me happy.

Walking into gym class and seeing one of these waiting on the floor always created some sort of whispered excitement. If we could contain our eagerness, just long enough to listen to instructions, we would be rewarded with 30 minutes of parachute time. And it didn’t even always go smoothly. Kids are klutzy and uncoordinated. We’d run straight into each other and bump heads when trying to cross to the other side. But it would make our day anyway. How can a gigantic piece of fabric create such happiness?

I’d like to say it’s because kids are easy to please. But, at 29 years old, if I walked into work tomorrow and someone told me that if I got all my work done I would be able to go outside with all of my friends and play with a parachute, I would work faster than I’ve ever worked before. And I know I’m not the only one.

Where do you suppose one would purchase a parachute? I think it’s a necessity for Pig Roast 2015. For the kids and adults alike, we all need more parachute days.

This could quite possibly be one of the best shirts ever
This could quite possibly be one of the best shirts ever.
And these scooters, a.k.a. little finger death traps. They always resulted in injury, but we loved them.
These were always fun too. Scooters…also known as little finger death traps.

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