Summer 2014


Even though it officially ended just yesterday, I already have a sneaking suspicion that the summer of 2014 will go down in the books as one of the best summers ever. The summer that all future summers will ever attempt to be. And, for the purposes of this post, when I say “summer” I really mean anytime since mid-April, when we kicked the season off with a bang by taking an ambitious vacation. It seems like almost every weekend since then has been a celebration of huge proportions.

It was the summer I got to meet 3 new baby boys, brand new people that will forever be an important part of my life. Best friends got married to best friends, twice. Bridal showers, bachelor, and bachelorette parties made us feel young and invincible, if only for a weekend. The summer of manhattans, soul mates, wavelengths, and spirals. 5AM nights because we just couldn’t miss anything. New jobs, new cars, new apartments, and new rings. The summer of making new friends, and having long over-due heart to hearts with old. Sleepovers, snapchats, and Taco Bell. So many 30th birthdays (we really are getting old), and learning that we actually do need church on Sundays. The Banger Sisters reunited! It was the summer of work happy hours, taking chances, coming clean, and of being reminded that we cannot control or even predict the future, no matter how hard we try.

It was the summer we decided to host a pig roast for 125 people, for no other reason except that we enjoy being together. It was a fitting grand finale, the only suitable conclusion.

I’d be lying if I tried to say that I won’t miss the warm weather, but I’m not sad to see summer go; it was clearly never meant to stay. It’s like when you meet someone with whom you have inexplicable connectedness. A fair-weather friend whose spontaneity and charisma helps you feel alive for a short amount of time. You know from the start it’ll never last, they’re someone you could never keep up with, and you aren’t destined to be life-long friends. But you get to have the time of your life with them for just a little while. For me, that was summer 2014.

To those of you still reading, congrats on making it through an exceedingly dorky blog post. I feel a little like I just signed someone’s yearbook. But for the record I’m going to keep wearing flip flops as long as I can, obviously. Also, I feel super cool when I’m wearing sunglasses (admit it, you do too), so I’m going to continue to wear them too even as skies get cloudier, because they make me happy.

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