Last week was a terrible week. There is no reason to try to sugar coat it. It started bad and got worse. By mid-week as a Rochesterian, and specifically an East Rochester resident, it was just sad. Unless you have no soul, there was no way to avoid being effected by the people, fire trucks, police, media, and general feeling of gloom that unwelcomingly invaded our little village. There are still blue porch lights on that have not been turned off since day 1. Even the cashiers lights at the ER Wegmans are blue.

If there are any guarantees in life, it’s that there will be bad days. That’ll happen (…that will happen…), and there is nothing we can do about it except to keep on moving forward. So, since I love compilations, here’s a compilation of the little things that made me smile and kept me going throughout the week.

Having this pop up several times in my news feed, and thinking about how rare it is to have friends like this.
Seeing these smiling faces pop up in my news feed several times, and knowing that friendships like this usually only exist on TV shows.
Remembering and laughing about Sunday dinner which included 40's of OE, fried chicken, and a request for watermelon.
Our Sunday church dinner which included 40’s of OE, fried chicken, and an unfulfilled request for watermelon.
Getting this in the mail was a blast from the past. I loved these CD's!
Getting this in the mail at work brought back some memories. I loved these CD’s!
Someone posted this...
Then this was posted online somewhere…
...which of course made me think of this. Best costume ever.
…which of course made me think of this. The most perfectly executed costume ever!

And just like that the weekend rolled back around, and the world got a little brighter. Marching back into the waiting arms of what sometimes feels like an army of friends will always make me happy. And feeling like, for whatever reason, they need me there as much as I need them, that will always make me happy too.

And then the Bills won and all of Western NY collectively had a great day!!

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