Going Awry


Earlier this summer, on a trip to drop my four-legged son off at his grandparents for the weekend, I was sitting at a stop light and saw this on the road ahead of me. I started laughing and immediately thought “Man, it sucks to be that guy”.  I took a quick picture and continued on to my parents’ house. But the public evidence of this guy’s bad day has stuck with me.

Getting off-track. It usually starts small. We veer, ever so slightly, and at first are just a few degrees off from where we’re supposed to be. It can take us a while, sometimes years, to even notice that things have gone awry. But there ultimately comes a point when you look around and realize, without a doubt, that something has gone wrong.

But who says there has to be a point of no return? Who says you can’t just stop, dead in your tracks, go back to where you started, and try again? This guy did exactly that.

I haven’t been back to this particular intersection, so I’m not sure if this has been corrected or not. But I secretly hope that it is still there, making people laugh, and reminding us that it is ok to make mistakes.

Compilation videos are the best.


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