Ordinary Moments

I’m sharing an email that I sent to a friend, hoping to brighten her day.

“When I overfill my coffee cup at work, I awkwardly stand in the break room and rapidly sip hot coffee until I’m confident that I can make the long trek back to my desk without spilling one precious drop. This seemingly dull and ordinary part of my day always makes me think of you and smile. Flashback to the Sig Nu basement and let’s toast to no spilling, before someone knocks into us and spills that (at the time) equally as precious drop. We were always the best at that game, and we’ve always taught each other the most important things in life.”

Clearly my objective here was to be silly and ridiculous. To make my friend, as well as myself, laugh on a boring Wednesday. And I think I succeeded. But, before you go off thinking I’m crazy because I think about frat basements while having my morning coffee, let me say this.

As I get older and older, and consequently have more and more memories, I’m having a hard time disguising the fact that my brain has an incredible capacity for random memories.

That’s not to say that my actual memory is all that great. Because I know, for a fact, that I’m not good at remembering facts, or names, or any other information that is normally considered useful. I live with a person who has been lovingly nicknamed “Google”, and I am both impressed and jealous of his ability to easily recollect useful facts. Every time we watch Jeopardy he outshines not only me, but most of the contestants as well.

What I do excel at is remembering the social interactions that I’ve had with others over the years. You know those old inside jokes from years ago, the ones that are no longer relevant and you no longer have a reason to remember? I remember them.  And the memories that we all deliberately push out of our brains in order to intentionally forget them? I remember those too. In sometimes painstaking detail. My life is a perpetual #tbt.

I’m unsure if this is a blessing or a curse. Nostalgia often gets the best of me. But instead of allowing these memories to boggle my brain, I’ve been making an effort to share the good ones with the people in the memories. I let myself think about it for a second, it makes that ordinary moment happier, then I share it in hopes that I can make a friend happy too.

So here’s to hoping the ordinary moments, and memories, in life make you smile. And if you have a memory that interrupts a monotonous daily task and makes you happy, share it. That person may need to smile too.

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